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I empower parents to

compassionately show up for themselves

so they can wholeheartedly enjoy


Empowering Parents

  • Nurture your emotional well-being during this transformative journey.

  • Develop self-care practices that prioritise your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

  • Learn how to fill your own cup, so you can be the parent and partner you want to be.

  • Get access to a network of resources and referrals to specialised professionals based on your specific needs.

  • Maintain your you-ness while becoming a parent.

  • Improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Showing up as the parent we want to be can be one of the biggest challenges in our lives. Not only do we need a "village" at the start but throughout parenthood. We were not meant to do this alone!

I support parents during the perinatal period and beyond.

Lisa Quinney Perinatal Counsellor
maternal journal geelong

Join the Maternal Journal Workshops in Ocean Grove

this year.

Support your mental health, get creative and connect with other mums in a safe and nurturing environment.

maternal journal geelong

Maternal Journal is a global not-for-profit movement for mothers, pregnant people, non-binary carers and anyone who identifies as a mother.

We journal together and experiment with different forms of art, like poetry, collage, prose, drawing and painting.

Walk with Lisa


Becoming and being a parent is one of the biggest challenges we face in life. So it is normal to feel overwhelmed by it at times.

I have been there and know how this feels. I know I needed someone to cheer me on and help me tap into my own strength. As a Counsellor, I can be this for you.


Do you feel lonely and like you need more support to get through this?

This makes a lot of sense and I know how to manage feelings of "being not good enough", "failing as a parent" as well as shame and guilt.

Green Leaf

Do you feel worried, anxious, depressed or stuck?

I know this is scary and I am aware there is a stigma attached to this. But I want you to know, that there is nothing wrong with you. You will feel like yourself again with the right support.

Forest Path

I believe finding the cause for the majority of the challenges we face in our daily life leads back to how well we take care of ourselves.
- Lisa Quinney

Lisa Quinney Counsellor
Lisa was of tremendous support for me. She is a wonderful listener and helped me regain my mental and emotional balance (those postpartum hormones are no joke!). Sometimes I'd just need some reassurance and compassion, sometimes she helped me find a much needed new perspective. 
I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough!
Lisa gave me practical tips to manage stress and anxiety. It was like having a personal coach for my emotions.

I seriously can't imagine going through this life-changing time without her. If you're expecting and want an awesome counsellor who knows IFS, go see Lisa!
With her expertise and life experience Lisa has given me guidance, support and compassion when I truly needed it. Her understanding of the roller coaster that is motherhood has been so reassuring. She has enabled me to seek help when needed, be kind to myself and accept imperfection.

About Me

My name is Lisa, I am a Mama and a counsellor. My children are 8 and 11 years old, one was born in Germany and one was born here, on Wadawurrung Country (Geelong). I was born in Germany, my husband is from Ballarat and we met in Italy where we fell in love. We have lived many different lives together and are dreaming of a home amongst the gum trees. We love being in nature, hiking, camping and enjoying the beach. I am an advocate for self-compassion, for going gently and for slowing down. I am passionate about creating a relationship to one self and prioritising ones own needs before tending to everyone else's. I understand as a parent and primary care giver this often feels impossible. Having gone through postnatal depression after the birth of my second child I discovered how important it is to demand the support we need as parents. I needed someone to encourage me to keep going, to cheer me on, because I was not able to do this myself at the time. I want to be that person for you because you deserve and need support when finding out who you are and want to be as a parent and as a person.

Lisa Quinney, Counsellor, with family

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I work with a person-centred and trauma-informed approach and focus on humanistic therapies, using techniques and tools from

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems model)

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

  • ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and

  • Mindfulness Therapy.

I mix and match these in a way that is particularly helpful to you in your unique circumstances. However, my favourite model is the IFS therapy.

This is the Logo for Walk With Lisa Counselling

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44 Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont VIC 3216

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A Medicine
Woman's Prayer

I will not rescue you.

For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you.

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you.

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness,

as you remember your light.

by Sheree Bliss Tisley

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