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Clarity Calls

One off 1:1 support

sessions for mothers

Here are some specific examples of how a Clarity Call can help you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with juggling work and family life.

  • Struggling with communication issues in a relationship.

  • Experiencing difficulty setting boundaries with children or family.

  • Feeling a lack of purpose or direction after a major life change.

  • Needing support with managing stress and anxiety.

Important Note: This Clarity Calls are designed to be a focused session on a single issue. It won't necessarily delve into deeper emotional processing. However, it can be a valuable first step towards gaining clarity and developing a plan to move forward. If a more in-depth exploration is needed, you might be interested in the Reconnect & Thrive 6 Month program.


More Info About Clarity Calls

Who is this for?

Mums who are stuck with a particular issue and want to move forward with clarity about the next steps to take.

This could be to do with relationships, parenting, or life in general.

What does it include?

Either 60 or 90 minutes walk & talk session locally, or online via Google Meet. A safe space to be heard by a compassionate counsellor with rich lived experience. Trauma-informed support and direction on a specific issue you are facing in your life.

How much does it cost?

A 60 minute session costs $ 150 AUD

A 90 Minute Session costs $ 195 AUD

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