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Reconnect & Thrive

I will walk alongside you while you reconnect to your true self and find out who you are after having transformed through becoming a parent.

You might find that you don't feel like yourself anymore. You might experience overwhelm or numbness throughout your days and want to feel like you again. 

Reconnect & Thrive is going to help you reconnect to your inner core, your authentic self and make sense of why you are feeling the way you do at the moment. We will peal back the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs to get to your truth. 

Once you have strengthened the connection to yourself, we will find out what lights you up and invite more of the "good stuff" into your life.

Reconnect & Thrive is a six month supported
journey for mothers

Reconnect & Thrive aims at establishing a strong sense of self and identifying the things that are lighting you up. 

We will do this by getting clear about your values, identifying limiting self-beliefs, inviting more mindfulness into your life and by setting goals for you that feel achievable and motivating.

We will walk at a pace that feels supportive to you and I will make sure that you take the lead in this process. I will offer guidance on what tools you can try on your way home to yourself and I will cheer you on form the side lines. 

You will feel seen, heard and understood and deeply held during these six months with me.

Uncover the "why" behind your struggles and create a roadmap for a more fulfilling motherhood experience. Are you ready to take action? Click the button below to get in touch!

All mums who want to feel more like themselves again.

You have come out of the baby fog and now feel lost and want to get some guidance on how to come back home. Your children might be aged 2 years and over and you are getting little pockets of time back for yourself.

  • Best Value

    Reconnect & Thrive

    Every month
    I will guide you on your way to reconnect with Yourself & to thrive as a Mum. No matter if your child is 1 year old or a teenager! Find your way back to you with fortnightly calls and voxer support.
    Valid for 6 months
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