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How to learn to trust Yourself

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Changing and growing and even healing can be daunting. How can you trust your self to make the right decisions and pick the right way?

What if I make a mistake?

Chances are, you probably will. Accepting this as part of your learning early on will help you to get though challenging times easier. Mistakes can be such a great opportunity to learn and grow. Being grateful for a chance to learn something, is a positive attitude you can adapt to make this easier.

Chances are, you will probably make a lot of great choices, too. Once you decide you want to take matters in your own hands take responsibility for your own story - you will make some beautiful and empowering decisions.

Exercise to build self-trust

So you are at the start of your self-discovery-journey - the best advice I can give you here is to take "baby-steps". Slow and steady and once you gain trust in yourself and feel more confident, you can take larger steps, and one day even leaps!

Dr. Nicole LePera offers one exercise in her book "How to do the Work" that is supposed to help increasing self-trust. She recommends to drink a glass of water, every morning. Simple as that. The key is: sticking to it! You can adapt this to whatever makes sense to you. You might want to start journaling, or reading every day, or something else that is "good for you". The action you choose has to be small, achievable and simple.

The more often you show up for yourself, the more likely it is, that you will develop a stronger sense of trust. Once you have shown up and been reliable for a few weeks, you might want to add something to your day or increase what you are doing. Instead of reading five minutes every day, you might read for 15 minutes every day. Instead of meditating once a week, you might want to meditate twice a week. Again, whatever makes sense to you and feels good.

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